Welcome to the iNFiNiTi Dance Company!

Our 2017-18 Season is fast approaching and we would love to see you at auditions! CLICK HERE to sign up to audition!

AUDITION TIMES ~ each dancer will attend 2 pre-placement sessions and then the final audition on July 14:

Ages 4-8: July 10 & 13 at 5pm and July 14 at 9am

Ages 9-12: July 10 & 13 at 4pm and July 14 at 10am

Ages 13 & Up: July 11 & 13 at 4pm and July 14 at 12:30pm

Contact Us if you are looking for a dance home and are interested at 479-715-6840.

The iNFiNiTi Competitive Dance Program is a place where you will grow as a dancer and a person! Whether you are just starting out to follow your passion for dance or you have been dancing for years, you will grow your dance skills, leadership skills, and grow overall life skills along the way. With our Dancer Director and her experienced professional staff we are proud to serve Northwest Arkansas by not only teaching correct technique but the best technique around!

JOIN our MINI or TINY TEAM! We are looking for dancers ages 4-8 to add to our competitive Tiny and Mini Program. Tiny and Mini Team Dancers meet less days per week attend less competitions than our Full Company Dancers as they start out on their competitive dance journey. This is a great place to get started in competitive dance and will add challenge to your dancer!

We are always looking for dancers that are passionate for dance to join our growing Dance Company. Give us a call today!