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It’s time to sign up for 2024-2025 elite team tryouts! Check out the tryout packet below for all things tryouts. Questions? Email the All Star Director

What sets us apart? OUR STAFF!

Welcome to iNFiNiTi Athletics, where excellence and passion converge in the world of cheerleading. Our commitment to providing unparalleled coaching has led us to hand-select the finest coaches from the tri-state area, ensuring that every student receives top-tier instruction.

At iNFiNiTi Athletics, our coaches are not just leaders; they are seasoned cheer professionals with a wealth of experience. With seven former college cheerleaders, including five Division One Captains, six former UCA staff members, and four former NCA staff members, our coaching lineup represents a collective reservoir of skill, knowledge, and passion.

At iNFiNiTi Athletics, we understand that the journey to excellence is both personal and collaborative, and our coaches are dedicated to nurturing these aspects in every athlete.

Join us at iNFiNiTi Athletics, where passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence converge to provide a cheerleading journey that goes beyond skill acquisition – it’s an adventure in personal growth and team camaraderie. We look forward to being a part of your child’s exciting cheerleading adventure!

  • All-Star Cheer Team seasons run May through April each Year
  • All-Star Prep Teams start later with shorter seasons & less time commitment (contact us for more information)

In the previous season, iNFiNiTi fielded an impressive 10 all-star teams, meticulously categorized by age and skill level. Our commitment to fostering talent begins in the summer months with our Work Group Sessions, a focused period where athletes delve into tumbling and stunting skills ahead of tryouts. This initiative not only refines abilities but also establishes connections between athletes and the dedicated iA coaching team.

At iNFiNiTi Athletics, our philosophy revolves around building teams that are not just composed of the 30 best tumblers or jumpers, but teams that are strategically crafted for success in their respective divisions. We recognize that a winning team is a harmonious blend of appropriate skills, ages, and positions (flyers/bases). By carefully considering these factors, we ensure that each team is equipped to shine in competition.

Our selection process extends beyond immediate capabilities, taking into account age, current ability, and the future potential of each athlete. At iNFiNiTi, we are dedicated to creating teams that seamlessly fit into every division, spanning from novice to elite across Levels 1 through 5. Whether you’re just starting your cheer journey or bringing years of experience, we believe in the power of potential as much as we value expertise. Here at iNFiNiTi, we proudly declare that there’s a place for EVERYONE to contribute, grow, and succeed. Join us, where diversity, talent, and inclusivity thrive, making iNFiNiTi Athletics a home for cheerleaders of all backgrounds and aspirations.

Come August, as the school semester commences, each team embarks on a journey of training and learning unique routines that will define their competition season from January through early May. Our teams proudly participate in 5 regional competitions, culminating in a spectacular end-of-season event held in either Orlando, FL, or Dallas, TX. Arkansas’ distinct competition timeline stems from regulations that separate school cheer and all-star cheer, with school cheer state competitions occurring in December.

At iNFiNiTi Athletics, we understand that joining a team is a significant decision, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you find yourself unsure about taking that leap, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our dedicated team is more than happy to assist you in making the right decision for your cheerleading journey.

For those who may decide that team participation isn’t the perfect fit at the moment, we offer year-round Cheer & Tumble Classes. These classes are designed to help you achieve your goals and prepare for future opportunities, whether it be joining our Cheer Teams or School Teams. Reach out to us today to gather more information and embark on your next class with iNFiNiTi Athletics. Your cheerleading adventure awaits!

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Infiniti Athletics is not just a gym; it has been a decade-long passion for my daughters. Their All-Star full-year competitive program has not only refined their athletic skills but also nurtured invaluable life lessons like teamwork, collaboration, responsibility, empathy, and more. Our kids adore being part of this family, where the staff is extraordinary. The competition season becomes a much-anticipated family escape, like a mini vacation, filled with anticipation.  Regardless of the pressure to excel, we enjoy seeing them give their all on the mat. They experience a rollercoaster of emotions—crying, celebrating, laughing, and recovering as a united team. Their teammates have become their second family, and when I leave my kids at Infiniti Athletics, I know they’re in a secure environment. The leadership is outstanding, offering steady support and a genuine willingness to listen to feedback. Despite the occasional rough patches that any relationship can endure, we’ve never considered parting from this family. My oldest daughter, a super senior at Infiniti, is also a coach while attending UARK full-time, a remarkable start to her career in the place she’s spent the most time over the last decade. Meanwhile, my youngest practically lives at Infiniti, tumbling every time she can and aspiring to become a cheer coach in the future and cheer in college. Our journey with the Infiniti Family has been incredibly fulfilling and like no other.

Yordan Francisco Family