All Star Cheer


What sets us apart? OUR STAFF!

We have hand-selected the best coaches from the tri-state area. All coaches are backed by extensive cheer experience. We have seven former college cheerleaders, five of which were Division One Captains, six former UCA staff members., four former NCA staff members and one level ten gymnast. We are privileged to have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable groups of coaches in the country. Because of our talented staff, we are able to help each student learn individual skills quickly while teaching the value of teamwork. All of our coaches are excited to create the best competition experience for you’re child!

About the iNFiNiTi All-Star Cheer Program:

iNFiNiTi is proud to represent Northwest Arkansas by providing a quality All-Star Cheer program that has a positive impact on our community and their families while also creating a competitive spirit within the youth of NWA and beyond!

The iNFiNiTi All-Star cheer team experience is exciting, progressive and competitive! We believe that All-Star cheerleading not only gives athletes an opportunity to gain advanced athletics skills but also learn to be great leaders through hard work, personal accomplishment, and learning about accountability while working together in a team environment. are having FUN and making good friends! We have teams for every skill level – even if you have never cheered before!

  • All-Star Cheer Team seasons run May through April each Year
  • All-Star Prep Teams start later with shorter seasons & less time commitment (contact us for more information)

At iNFiNiTi, typically all cheerleaders will be placed on a team (competitive team or pre-competitive team), however, teams will be skill based, therefore a tryout evaluation is necessary for placement on teams. Attitude, respect, and commitment are required from all athlete’s at all times to ensure your spot on the iNFiNiTi All-Star Teams! Your cheerleader can expect a group-based assessment on technique and skills.

iNFiNiTi strives to fill our teams with athletes that will give our teams the best possible chance for success in their divisions. This means that we are not necessarily looking for the 32 best tumblers or jumpers for any particular team. We need appropriate skills, ages, and positions (flyers/bases) on each team. This will create a team that will be more successful in competition. Teams will be selected based on age, current ability, and future potential. We strive to build teams that fit into every division, from novice to elite, Levels 1 through 5. With all of our teams, we are looking for potential as much as experience. At iNFiNiTi ~ We have a place for EVERYONE!

If you are not sure if you are ready to join a team, please call us and we would be happy to help you make that decision. If you decide this is not for you, we also have Cheer & Tumble Classes Year Round to help you meet your goals or to prepare for any of our Cheer Teams or School Teams. Contact us today to get more information and start your next class!


• Special Needs Athlete Classes, Team & Birthday Party Information.

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