At iNFiNiTi our extensive instructional and recreational Cheer & Tumble program provides classes for students at any skill level from ages 3 & Up. You can expect an active and fun experience where we focus on your student learning new skills and advancing to the next level.

With a structured evaluation process accommodating students as they obtain new skills and move to the next level it allows for new students to join throughout the year without waiting for a new session to begin.

With a low coach to student ratio in each class and coaches having a strong background in both Cheer & Tumbling, it provides you with a safe environment learning the skills needed for school and/or All-Star Cheer while also having a class with constant activity so you get the most out of what you pay for!

Class Descriptions:

(This is a list of our most common classes. Always check under ENROLLMENT button for the most current up to date classes. We offer specialty classes & combo classes as well.)

Tumble Tots:

This class lets the athletes participate in fun, active play with their peers! Junior-sized equipment is arranged in a pattern so your littlest athletes can swing, roll, crawl and climb in a safe environment, guided by our coaches. This class will build foundational skills that will help them further their tumbling growth!

  • Structured Class Setting
  • Following Directions
  • Candlesticks on the Floor
  • Table Tops
  • Climbing Bars
  • Forward Rolls
  • Backward Rolls
  • Cartwheels
  • Handstand Form, Building to a Handstand Step Down
  • Trampoline Time
  • Ball Pit Time
  • And LOTS of Fun!


Ensuring that our athletes have a solid foundation to begin their tumbling journey, this class will focus on strength through flexibility! Curriculum will include:

  • Candlestick on Mat
  • Straight Jump Stick
  • Handstand Step Down
  • Cartwheel
  • Single Leg Bridge
  • Bridge Leg Lifts
  • Bridge Tik Toks
  • Backbend
  • Backward Roll
  • Splits
  • Limber Up from Knees
  • ¼ to Full Cartwheel Progressions
  • Shapes


Having a mastery of the Fundamentals, Walkovers will focus primarily on front and back walkovers as well as basic explosiveness to prepare for Handsprings! Curriculum will include:

  • Handstand Block Snapdowns
  • Switch Leg Cartwheels
  • Roundoff Variations
  • Back Extension Roll
  • Front/Back Walkover
  • Power Jump
  • Class Skill Connections


With a combination of flexibility, strength, and explosiveness, Handsprings will develop single and multiple front and back handsprings! Curriculum will include:

  • Front/Back Handspring(s)
  • Round Off Back Handspring(s)
  • Back Handspring Step Out
  • Class Skill Connections

Running Tucks and Aerials:

Having technically strong Handsprings, Running Tucks and Aerials will teach proper back and front tuck technique! Curriculum will include:

  • Round Off Back Handspring Tuck (priority)
  • Round Off Tuck (secondary)
  • Round Off Multiple Back Handspring Tuck
  • Front Tuck
  • Front Handspring Dive Roll
  • Aerial
  • Beginning Standing Tuck Variations
  • Class Skill Connections

Running Layouts and Standing Tucks, and Above:

Advancing through the ranks, Running Layouts and Standing Tucks will perfect hollow body layouts and all variations of standing tucks! Curriculum will include:

  • Running Layouts
  • Front Tuck Through
  • Whip Variations
  • Standing Tuck Variations
  • Introduction to Spinning Drills
  • Class Skill Connections

Twisting and Elites

Perfecting all core skills, Twisting and Elites will push full twisting layouts and any other skills that involve twisting or above! Curriculum will include:

  • Running Full
  • Standing Layout Variations
  • Double Full
  • Standing Full Variations
  • Elite Class Skill Connections

Cheer Progression:

If you have an athlete that is interested in progressing their cheerleading skills, whether they are at beginner level or wanting to improve their current skills, CPP is the perfect fit! This circuit is perfect for athletes interested in furthering their cheerleading experience and preparing them for the next level of cheer, whether its an All Star cheer prep team or full year team, school cheer, or recreational.


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