Is your athlete looking to dip their toes in the world of cheer or build their skills to prepare for their next cheer tryout? We have cheer classes for all levels! Just 4 Fun is the best way to introduce your athlete to cheer with all the FUN included! Check out Cheer Progression to help your athlete build their skills in all parts of cheer. If your athlete is nearing school cheer tryouts, don’t miss our Cheer Tryout Prep Classes! For specific work on jumps, don’t miss our jump classes!

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Cheer Progression

If you have an athlete that is interested in progressing their cheerleading skills, whether they are at beginner level or wanting to improve their current skills, Cheer Progression is the perfect fit! Athletes will work on jumps, stunts, and tumbling they already have! This is the perfect class for athlete’s looking to improve in all aspects of Cheer! This class is designed to prepare athletes for their next level of cheer, whether it’s an All Star Cheer Prep Team, Full Year Team, School cheer, or recreational.

What is included in the Price? Separate Tumbling Class *Cheer Progression does not spot tumbling, it only works on skills they already have.

Just 4 Fun

Ages 3 & Up

This program is all about FUN!! Just 4 Fun is the perfect session based class for athletes ages 3 & up that want to dip their toes in cheer! Athletes will learn basic skills which will be used in their routine for the performance at the end of the session! Groups will receive a FREE T-SHIRT for their performance! Just 4 Fun athletes will get to show their friends and family everything they have learned at the end of their last class! Our Just 4 Fun programs have had their end of session performances in the gym, at a Naturals game and even at the iA All Star Showcase – performance venue changes depending on the session, check for info when enrolling.

What is included? 6 weeks of instruction and a FREE T-Shirt for performance

Jump Class

This class is 45 minutes long and will run from February till the end of March.  We will focus on flexibility, strength, power, and technique! Your athlete will be drilling jump techniques and perfecting the aspects of a jump such as arm motions, leg placement, pointed toes, timing, and more! This class is for any athlete at any level!

School Cheer Tryout Prep

Do you need to get ready for Jr High or Sr High School cheer tryouts? We have the class for you! This class will run from January to March! In this class, we will work on jump and motion technique! Also we will teach chant, and dance material. When your athlete gets the material for cheer tryouts, the athletes will have the opportunity to get critiqued on their tryout material to help them with their performance for tryouts.

We want to give your athletes the confidence to tryout and make the team!!!

*These classes are seasonal, starting in January and continuing through school cheer tryouts.