The first months & years of a child’s life are the most impressionable. They need to be filled with positivity,  activity, fun & love. We offer all of that and MORE! 

At the Kidz Krib, we are not your ordinary gymnastic facility. We focus on child development both physically and mentally. Our curriculum is designed to boost your child’s fine & gross motor skills, along with building a good base for being social & facilitating cognitive development. Our activities are fun and engaging, driving the platform for future social situations. Our goal is to build their self esteem, encourage positive communication & develop problem solving skills. With classes for ages 3 months to 5 years, we are able to target all the areas of growth your little one needs in this very crucial time of development.  With our dedicated staff, your village just got a little larger! 

These years are the stepping stones for a lifetime of movement! Let us help you get them started on the right foot!

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Class Descriptions

Kids & Krew

18 Month – 2 Year Olds (45 Minutes)

Explore the wonders of movement with your little one in our Parent and Tot Tumbling class! Designed for children aged 18 months – two years old, this engaging and interactive class encourages bonding between parent and child while introducing basic tumbling skills in a safe and playful environment. Watch your toddler discover balance, coordination, and social skills through exciting activities and age-appropriate equipment. Join us for a joyful journey of exploration and development!In a parent-taught tumbling class, parents play a crucial role as both facilitators and supporters. Parents will assist their child in following instructions, ensuring proper technique, and providing encouragement.  Additionally, they actively participate in activities that strengthen the parent-child bond while fostering physical development and coordination.

Kreepin’ Up

3 Year Olds Fundamentals (45 Minutes)

Welcome to our three-four year-old independent tumbling class! This lively and interactive session is designed to spark a love for movement and build foundational skills. Our experienced instructors create a fun atmosphere where little ones can explore rolls, jumps, and basic tumbling techniques in a safe environment. With a focus on coordination and balance, this class encourages active play and helps young tumblers develop both physically and socially.

Kickin’ Kidsterz

4 Year Olds Beginning (45 Minutes)

Step into our three-four-year-old independent tumbling class, where the excitement of exploration meets the joy of movement! Guided by skilled instructors, children embark on a journey of advanced fundamental tumbling skills, enhancing their coordination, flexibility, and strength. Through a blend of imaginative activities and age-appropriate exercises, this class not only cultivates physical abilities but also encourages social interaction and confidence building in a supportive environment. Join us for a dynamic and playful introduction to the world of tumbling!

Kool Kids

5 & 6 Year Olds (60 Minutes)

 For our five and six-year-old tumbling class, we offer an energetic and skill-building experience that blends fun with foundational tumbling techniques. Led by experienced instructors, this class focuses on refining basic skills, introducing more advanced movements, and fostering a sense of teamwork. Through age-appropriate activities and creative exercises, children develop agility, strength, and coordination while building confidence in their abilities. In our five-year-old tumbling class, the emphasis is on tumbling mastery. Young tumblers engage in a dynamic journey of rolls, cartwheels, and introductory tumbling sequences. Our skilled coaches create an environment that encourages exploration and skill progression while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Join us for a tumbling adventure that combines playfulness with skill development, setting the stage for a love of tumbling! Our last 5 minutes is our parent interaction time, between coaches and parents.

Our preschool tumbling program is designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of tumbling in a fun, safe, and age-appropriate environment.

Here’s an explanation of what such a program typically entails:

1. Introduction to Basic Skills- The program starts by introducing preschoolers to basic tumbling skills such as jumping, rolling, balancing, and climbing. These skills are taught using colorful mats, soft equipment, and engaging activities to make learning enjoyable for the children.

2. Development of Motor Skills-Preschool tumbling focuses on developing fundamental motor skills like coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Through structured activities and games, children improve their body awareness and control while having fun.

3.Safe Environment- Safety is paramount in a preschool tumbling program. Our trained instructors closely supervise the children to ensure they are using equipment properly and executing skills safely. Equipment is appropriately sized for preschoolers, and mats are placed strategically to cushion falls and landings.

4.Progressive Learning-As children become more comfortable with basic skills, the program gradually introduces more advanced movements and techniques. Progression is tailored to each child’s abilities, allowing them to develop at their own pace while building confidence and self-esteem.

5.Social Interaction-Preschool tumbling classes provide an opportunity for children to interact with their peers in a structured setting. Through partner activities and group exercises, children learn important social skills such as taking turns, sharing, and cooperating with others.

6.Creativity and Expression- Alongside skill development, preschool tumbling encourages creativity and self-expression. Children are encouraged to explore movement in their own unique ways, fostering a sense of creativity and imagination.

7.Parent Involvement- Many preschool tumbling programs offer classes where parents or caregivers participate alongside their children. This not only strengthens the bond between parent and child but also allows parents to actively support their child’s learning and development.

8. Positive Reinforcement- Instructors use positive reinforcement and encouragement to motivate children and celebrate their achievements, no matter how small. This helps build children’s confidence and instills a love for physical activity and learning.

Overall, a preschool tumbling program provides a fun and nurturing environment where children can develop physical, cognitive, and social skills while laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of tumbling and active living.

Open Gym/ Kowabunga Time

Day Time Play Time

18 Month – 6 Year Olds (1.5 Hours)

Unleash the boundless energy of your little explorers in our Unguided Preschool Open Gym Class, catering to ages one through six! This free-form, unstructured environment provides a fantastic opportunity for children to move, play, and develop at their own pace. With a variety of age-appropriate equipment, from colorful mats to engaging props, youngsters can climb, jump, and tumble in a safe and stimulating space. Parents can join in the excitement as their child freely navigates through this dynamic playground. It’s an unbridled adventure where imaginations flourish and young bodies discover the joy of unstructured play!

Ages 1-5 – iA Springdale – Fridays 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Ages 1-3 – iA Bentonville – Tuesdays 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Ages 3-5 – iA Bentonville – Fridays 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

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